Well First LLC

At a Glance!

WellFirst has an easy program that will fit the needs of your company as well as those of your employees. The program is structured in 3 progressive steps. After your company is comfortable with the first phase, it will progress to the second; once the first two phases are working smoothly, the last step is implemented. These strategically targeted wellness programs will give you a new ability to control healthcare costs at their source – by promoting individual responsibility for managing health and by giving your employees preventive health tools.

Basic Program

The Basic program conducts Health Risk Assessments and analyzes data to determine which services are most crucial to your employee population.

Equipped with that information we will track health improvements and reward outcomes, thus shifting high-risk individuals to a lower-risk position and encouraging low-risk individuals to stay healthy and maintain their low-risk status.

This program links wellness to benefits and incentives, and develops "short-term" interventions such as lunch and learns and webinars to change and modify long-term lifestyle behaviors.

Starting with your goals and working within your budget, we help improve the health and wellness of your team. As a consequence you will save significant amounts due to lower health care and disability costs, plus will have reduced absences due to illnesses. In addition, you will improve your recruitment and retention of quality staff.

Our attention to detail ensures the finest customer service. You’ll never feel as if your needs can’t be met. Contact us to find out how we can help you reduce healthcare costs and increase the health of your population.