Well First LLC

Are you considering a health and wellness plan sponsored by your health insurance provider?

Think about the pros and cons before you do:

Point #1

One of the cornerstones of a health and wellness plan is collecting and analyzing data related to your employees. Specifically health conditions and related risks. If your health insurance collected this data it would have the ability to use it to increase your renewal rates.

No laws prevent an insurance carrier from using information provided voluntarily for rating purposes. Thus employers should be prudent and not make this decision based solely on convenience.

Remember that the employer's objective is to contain the rising cost of health care.

Point #2

Most health insurance carriers encourage their clients to use their health and wellness program, but few will share with you your demographics and risk profile, and even fewer will offer onsite wellness programs and follow up.

WellFirst gives you access to your data, plus onsite support to measure and track results, plus help to determine the best strategies to lower your costs.

With the rising cost of healthcare, more employers will find it very difficult to maintain their current healthcare coverage and achieve their financial goals. Reports show that employers are struggling for solutions to the problem or dropping health benefits completely.

Let WellFirst be your solution.

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