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Lower Levels of Stress

Stress is the body's physical response to the perception of danger. We are wired to respond to danger by preparing to fight or getting ready to run. The problem in our modern society is that many situations invoking this feeling don't need either response. Doctors advise lowering stress levels to help with an array of physical ills, from high blood pressure to obesity.

Reduce your stress level and move toward a calmer lifestyle and a healthier you try hobbies and similar diversions that are relaxing and will help you to manage stress. When engaging in an activity you enjoy, other cares are pushed aside for at least a few minutes and you’re more able to relax.

What can you do? Try thinking back into your past and remember what you used to do for fun. Perhaps you enjoyed walking or hiking? Maybe you liked to paint. Bird-watching, sewing, woodworking, reading, gardening, doing crafts, and photography are other ideas.

Hobby possibilities are nearly endless, but do a bit of exploring and find out which is right for you. Choose one that is within your budget, and then go for it! Find other enthusiasts to share your ideas and provide support and advice. See if you can share the results of your hobby with someone else. Now, spend some time with your hobby.


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