Well First LLC

Discount Plans

In addition to the wellness programs, WellFirst offers you the ability to provide each employee with a discount card that will save them considerable money and give them access to other non-monetary benefits. The cost is pennies a day, the benefits numerous. They range from discounted visits to doctors, dentists and optometrists to free support from health experts of all types; from discount for pharmacies, nutritional supplements and health clubs, to free confidential counseling services. For more information see the links on the left.

Features of the discount cards:

  • Easy to use with no health restrictions
  • Can be used immediately upon receipt
  • No paperwork involved
  • Can be used as many times as needed
  • One membership for the whole family
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor or emergency room

Plans only available in CT, IL, MA, NH, NJ, NY, OH, RI, and TX

This is not insurance nor is it intended to replace insurance. This discount card program contains a 30 day cancellation period. Click here for the full list of disclosures. Discount Medical Plan Organization: New Benefits, Ltd., Attn: Compliance Department, PO Box 671309, Dallas, TX 75367-1309.