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About Us

Healthy living starts with smart choices in every aspect of life. Committing to maintaining an active lifestyle with frequent exercise and less stress is what we at WellFirst focus on. Our aim is to provide your company with quality resources to promote wellness, and to guide each of your employees with a program tailored to specific, personal goals. The outcome is the improvement of the health of your staff, control of insurance costs, lowered health claims and absenteeism, and increase in productivity.

Having a quality wellness program helps your company stand out in the marketplace. In any competitive job market, the more appealing your organization looks to candidates, the greater your advantage in hiring and retaining quality employees. A wellness program demonstrates that your organization is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of its employees. This says a lot about any company.

WellFirst will encourage your organization to connect wellness program participation to your benefits process, making the programs a powerful strategy for increasing participation. There are a couple of ways you can link wellness to benefits. It may include:

  • Providing your employees’ FSA/HSA accounts with additional funds when they participate in your wellness program
  • Offering a superior health plan and/or reduced employee premiums only to those who complete the annual HRA and participate in your wellness program

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